The Oxford University Africa Society is a student club register with the Proctors of the University of Oxford. The Society has been one of the most important platforms for African issues for the past 60 years and a supportive community for many African students.

In the evening of June 3rd, 1958, William Malcolm Hailey (Lord Hailey) gave the inaugural address that served as the establishment of the Society. It was supported by Kenneth Kirkwood, pioneering Rhodes Professor of Race Relations and one of the main actors, together with Anthony Kirk-Greene, a senior fellow at St Anthony’s, of the early attempts to create an African Studies Centre at St Antony College. The Centre would not concretize for several decades, but the African affairs seminars instituted by Kirkwood, the courses taught by Kirk-Greene and countless graduate students supervised by him, the contributions of St Antony's and of Queen Elizabeth House generated an outstanding scholarship and created a vibrant environment. Many of those figures were involved in the Africa Society.